Wedding gowns fade to…Color



Back into colors again. It seems that I can hardly find dresses that I like that are pure white. Well, that’s not completely true, but you got my point.

Modern times modern colors? I don’t have an answer to this question. What I know is that every bride must express herself on her wedding.

So I give you here some ideas of shaded wedding dresses, which are trendy, romantic, fashion and classy. Pastel color gowns will make you feel like a movie princess. This dresses are made for women who need delicate colors on their day. The degradè effect is all you need


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I could be pink, I could be blue I could be violet sky….I could be anything you like

sissyinwhite - blu&pink

sissyinwhite – blu&pink

I’m sitting on my chair, waiting for lunch to be done and I’m listing to Mika – Grace Kelly

I could be brown, I could be blue
I could be violet sky
I could be hurtful, I could be purple
I could be anything you like
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Sissy in… Black

Sissy in white..going black

Sissy in white..going black

My first post is an antithesis to my name and to trends.

In 2014 it’s said dresses should be minimal, simple. But I don’t really see why a woman shouldn’t be free to find the right dress. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the wrong place or that I’m living during a wrong era, since finding the charming it’s quite hard…and you are telling me that when I’ll find my One, I may not find my dress because I’m in the wrong “season”? I don’t allow that. Continue reading